Timeless Jewellery Pieces Worth Investing In

Even the most trend-driven shopaholics need to have some classically elegant pieces to fall back on.

After all, there’s nothing like a timeless jewellery piece that you just KNOW you can count on to stylistically save the day.

If you’re looking to refine your own list, read on: we’ve got the essentials all laid out here.

30 Minutes To The Perfect Jewellery Wardrobe

Building the perfect jewellery wardrobe shouldn’t be a formidable, fatiguing or stress-inducing task.

On the contrary, if you skip the obligation to *get it right*, you’ll find that the process becomes light and enjoyable. And the result will be amazing!

Let us guide your steps towards the perfect jewellery wardrobe, through a 3-step process that takes less than half an hour.


Behind The Gems: Duet

Welcome to another edition of “Behind The Gems”, our monthly series that takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of our signature collections.

We’ve previously uncovered the inspiration and the design processes behind our Quote Un-Quote and Love You to the Bone collections. So, naturally, this week it’s time for another one of our absolute favourites to come into the spotlight: the Duet collection.

How To Make Your Jewellery Last Forever

No matter how carefully you curate your jewellery collection, how often you shop for new pieces or how dedicated you are to the trends, one thing’s for sure: you’ll only look as good as your jewellery.

Here’s how to make sure your beloved pieces keep looking like new even though they aren’t.

Read on:

Behind The Gems: Quote Un-Quote

Each week we’re taking you on a backstage tour to show you the inspiration and design processes that lead to the creation of our signature collections.

In this edition, we’re unveiling our passion for quotes and uncovering the thoughts behind every little detail of the popular "Quote Un-Quote” collection.

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Fine Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

Granted, the editing of your wardrobe, shoe closet or jewellery box does not come up too often.

Yet when you’re late to an event and struggling to find something remotely satisfying to wear, you might find a way out faster if your choices were already curated.

As with everything in life, it’s more about quality than about quantity.

Ahead you’ll find our list of fine jewellery pieces every woman should own. With this in tow, you’ll never again agonise over what to wear:

Behind The Gems: Love You to the Bone

Welcome to the first chapter of Behind The Gems, a new blog series that will uncover the inspiration behind the Love Is collections.

Let's face it: statement jewellery is amazing in itself, but all the more so when it comes to life as an expression of past memories and experiences.

In today’s blog post we’re rewinding some of the turning points that lead to the creation of the LYB collection...

Love Is Jewellery: Did You Know…?

You know and love our pieces, but do you know what makes them SO good?

No matter how beautiful or original a design, it’s always the material that ultimately makes it successful.

This is why today we’re describing the thinking process behind our choice of materials. Read on and you’ll also discover some interesting tidbits about precious metals!

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